About Us

Pride Electronics Technology Ltd Fulfilment is where technology and innovation come together every day to delight users and customers. All1zed.com platform is trading under the name Pride Electronics Technology Ltd.

Welcome!! During the idea and architectural phase, i thought of combining a few day to day requirements which people come across. That is, Shopping, finding real estate property for rent or sale and locating Businesses at any time. A good market has a large population for efficient trading and other business deals, to create this market environment i designed and included the Traffic Guidance system ,Live Broadcast and Live Church. These three later features bring thousands of visitors to the web application creating a perfect trading environment. 

In order to make this platform competitive and secure globally, I put up a young and innovative team of personnel thirsty to show the world that they are up to any challenge. Some of the ideas and designs are complicated to bring to use so we consulted well experienced local and foreign experts.

It is great pleasure if this platform is making a difference in any way to you or your business.

Am grateful for the support you are giving us and the time spent reading our profile.


To be a leader in e-commerce and advertising industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.


To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers

Mission Statement

To build long term relationships with our customers and stake holders and provide exceptional
customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Core Value

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity,
invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of
our business functioning


Regional expansion in the field of e-commerce and Advertising, and develop a strong base of key
customers. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of
services. To build good reputation in the field of e-commerce and advertising, and become a key
player in the industry.

Products & Services


This online Shopping Mall is designed to host both local and international vendors. It gives local SME (vendors) an opportunity to share the same market with big established vendors. Goods are bought from any of the online shops and are delivered anywhere within Zambia or the regional countries. Our standard is signing up traceable Shops with quality goods and a fast track goods delivery system.

In addition, we have a 2 hours’ delivery system for all supermarkets online purchases of groceries. We want online shoppers to have the comfort of buying groceries without having the hectic of commuting or driving to supermarkets away from their busy or relaxing schedules.


Traffic in cities has become hectic and most of the time drivers drive blindly without knowing the state of traffic ahead of them. This makes motorists planning their everyday commuting poorly. To assist motorists plan the best routes of their upcoming drive and know traffic situation ahead of them, all1zed.com has a feature of watching real time traffic cameras installed on selected roads within Zambian urban areas.

Motorists can watch a live feed of some roads so that they plan well ahead without finding them selves in unnecessary unknown traffic jams. The Traffic Guidance system will assist motorist to use the best alternative routes to avoid traffic. This feature also helps motorists reduce road rage and impatience as they will know the traffic situation.

Traffic Guidance system has a particular City Seven day Weather forecast, Map and Notice Board for Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone. This Notice Board has updated information on road conditions and situations such as road works, closed roads, cautions on roads or important information from the Roads Safety Authorities to alert motorists. The Notice board also has Inputs from Motorists to caution other drivers incase of any incidents or cautions.

This system is designed to intersect Road safety Authorities and Road Users so that they have the same information and Knowledge of current traffic situation in real time.


Live Church is a dedicated Christian platform for different Christian denominations. Some People fail to go to church due to work assignments, personal commitments or during travelling. In these situations this feature brings the church services or events to the users mobile phone and desk top devices. Live Church is also ideal for Zambians abroad who wish to watch live prayers of their dedicated local Zambian Churches.

In this feature users can access three different live church services streamed at the same time on Sunday or Saturday. Users can leave prayer requests and others can pray on the prayer requests, Upcoming Christian Events can be Scheduled for users to note and any Christian Events can be streamed live for maximum global viewing. In addition, any Christian Music artists or choirs can upload their material for promotion.


The Business Directory on this web application has high traffic and so it’s an advantage for a business listed under this Business Directory. A business can put its description, address, google map coordinates, pictures and short videos. The business listing is further boosted in search engines so that any search close to a particular business pops up a business name during random searching. Searching can be made country wide or reduced to a particular area or town.


This is an open Market for Real Estate agents, Property owners and Tenants. Under this feature users look up for properties they are interested in and negotiate with agents or property owners. Property owners or agents have accounts and upload information about the property they have for rent or sale. They are over a million listed property for rent or sale country wide. Agents and property owners using this feature have an advantage to others because of the huge number people using the website.


Live Broadcast includes live streaming of local news, conferences, seminars and entertainment events. This feature allows users to watch live local news from any device to always keep updated in real time. Not all members attend institutional conferences or seminars due to commitments or other assignments, to assist them be part of conferences and seminars we stream live conferences or seminars so that they are accessed on hand held and desk top devices. In addition, we stream live Entertainment events to expand audience for business brand promotion.